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This is the very first of its kind. A new approach to healthcare. A new type of children’s hospital.

I am delighted to support Cambridge Children’s Hospital, the first purpose built hospital to integrate children’s mental and physical healthcare. It is my great pleasure to introduce this film, which features children and young people who will benefit from this new hospital and its pioneering approach to treat children in a whole new way.

Stephen Fry
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Watch our video


Our story film transcript

This is the very first of its kind.

A new approach to healthcare. A new type of children’s hospital. 

A hospital built from scratch, which understands the whole child. Drawing on research into mind and body.

To treat mental and physical health together.

Seeing a person, not just a patient.

Taking care of them, not just their illness. Why should it stop a child playing? Laughing? Exploring? Why should it stop them staying with their friends and family? 

This is care that goes beyond hospital walls, stretching further into the community. Closer to their favourite spot. To their front door. 

It’s treatment that understands the child, and the adult they’ll become. 

Genomic research that personalises medicine which will help young people feel better, now, and long into their future. Which could prevent disease, full stop. 

This is a whole new way of thinking.

A beacon of biomedical expertise in the heart of Cambridge that will transform how we treat illnesses in our region. And positively impact children’s healthcare the world over. 

Cambridge Children’s Hospital. This is a whole new way.

Be part of something extraordinary. Change lives. Rewrite the future.  

Narrated by Stephen Fry and featuring children and young people who have been treated by Cambridge University Hospitals and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trusts. Thank you to Max, Alex, Max, Zofeya, Max, Phoebe and Jasmine for sharing their stories.

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