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The Whole Picture

Making abnormal situations more normal. When you focus on curing an illness, you can often miss the other things a child needs, like their everyday routine, their education or drifting off to sleep in their own bed. That's why we’re adopting a holistic approach, which understand a child’s individual needs, rather than just their condition.

We’ll help young people get better by surrounding them with the things they’re used to. We’ll involve their family and friends, put play and nature and creativity at the heart of their therapy and enable children to carry on with their education. We’ll look at the whole picture to give kids more opportunity to be kids.

Phoebe having picnic
At just two years old, a common cold trigged a rare inflammatory response in Phoebe’s body

Designed for children by children

The hospital will not only be built for children and young people, but with them. We’re putting families at the heart of the design process, listening and responding to their views, from the way we lay out our wards and theatres through to what people see when they first walk into the hospital.

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Built around family

An illness doesn’t just affect a child, but everyone around them too — their parents, siblings, family and friends. It’s why we’ll consider their experience at all times, introducing parent rooms, kitchens to cook in together and space for quiet reflection and privacy. We’ll also draw on the expertise and compassion of our staff to provide all families with the confidence and support they need to manage these unusual situations in the best way they can.

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Phoebe enjoying air bubbles being made by her mum Phoebe smiling outside
Phoebe enjoying air bubbles being made by her mum Phoebe smiling outside

Continuing their education

School is a key part of every young person’s development, so it’s essential we can continue their learning wherever possible. With new methods of virtual learning we’ll be more flexible to each child’s unique needs and levels, providing an experience that’s as true to the classroom as possible. And keeping them connected to a defining part of any young person’s childhood.

At Cambridge Children’s Hospital, we’ll understand the person, not just the patient.

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