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A whole new way

This is a whole new way

Cambridge Children’s Hospital will provide a whole new way of caring for children and young people.

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With a university research facility built within, we’ll integrate cutting-edge treatments and technology.

Bringing physical and mental health together and using genomic medicine to not just treat diseases but prevent them completely.

We’ll put the child at the centre of everything we do. And draw on tele-health technology to connect people beyond their walls. To treat young people as close to home as possible.

This is a world’s first hospital. A whole new way of thinking.

Established by the NHS and the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Children’s Hospital is a globally unique partnership which brings together unrivalled clinical and academic knowledge.

Leveraging this understanding, alongside the strength of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the breadth of our collaborations with industry-leading companies, we will develop a beacon of expertise that transforms how we treat and detect illness.

From Cambridge, a city with a tradition of excellence and discovery, the hospital will provide care for children and young people aged 0-19, including those with cancer, across east of England.

It’s very rare you have the chance to build something with the potential to impact the whole world. But, with Cambridge Children’s Hospital, we have just that.

As the only region in the UK currently without a purpose-built children’s hospital, it will finally provide the level of treatment countless families need, without having to travel hundreds of miles to get it.

Our vision is to create a hospital that is for everyone, no matter where they are from. We’ll provide holistic care, in person or via telemedicine, to care for children who can’t receive complex treatment in their home countries.

We’ll also pass on our knowledge to international hospitals and institutions, sharing our ground-breaking research with the aim of benefiting as many young people as possible.

Because, ultimately, our focus is on the child. On their physical and mental health. On their potential to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

This is a hospital built with children at its heart.

They will help us design the space, they will define its role and they will be the ones to benefit from it the most.

A life-changing moment Cambridge cannot wait any longer for.

The NHS currently provides outstanding care to children and young people across the east of England, and the UK. But, realistically, they are stretched. Mental and physical healthcare services are separated in facilities several miles apart, distancing their staff and preventing an integrated approach with the child at its heart.

With collocated, joined-up mental and physical health services, provision for intensive care, and a unique environment with access to acres of outdoor space, we will be equipped to better serve the 1.5 million children living in the east of England.

At a time when our help is more needed than ever. The numbers speak for themselves. 75% of adult mental illness originates in childhood and adolescence.

30% of paediatric hospital admissions are for ‘rare diseases’ and genetic conditions requiring multiple procedures. Rates of childhood obesity and Type II diabetes are continually increasing.

Children and young people need better care. More holistic. More inclusive. More personal.

A whole new approach couldn’t be more important. Cambridge Children’s Hospital can’t come soon enough.

This is a landmark moment for children in the east of England, and together we can set a new standard for child health nationally and internationally.

Dr Rob Heuschkel, Clinical Director for Cambridge Children’s Hospital Project, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH)

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