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Why now?

The numbers speak for themselves.

  • 75% of adult mental illness originates in childhood and adolescence
  • 30% of hospital admissions are for ‘rare diseases’ needing multiple procedures
  • 10% of children in the UK have a diagnosable mental health condition
  • Rates of childhood obesity and Type II diabetes are continually increasing

Children and young people need better care. More holistic. More inclusive. More personal. A whole new approach couldn’t be more important. Cambridge Children’s Hospital can’t come soon enough.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and Addenbrooke’s currently provide outstanding care to children and young people across the East of England, and the UK.

But, realistically, we are stretched. Mental and physical healthcare is separate, several miles apart, distancing their staff and preventing an integrated approach with the child at its heart.

The new hospital is as much for these organisations and their staff, as it is for their patients. It will provide them with the help they have so long needed and give them even more ability to offer the best support they can in return.

Regional challenges

Regionally, our children and young people’s services are under significant pressure and are becoming more fragile by the day.

Much of the existing estate at Addenbrooke’s is aging and becoming unfit for purpose. A lack of space and accessible services means children, their families and staff are living and working in cramped conditions, with no dedicated space available for teenagers.

Delivering regional and national specialist care in ageing facilities, which are not purpose-built for children, brings additional challenges and takes up more staff time, preventing our dedicated teams from being as efficient and innovative as they could otherwise be.

There is rising demand and increasing acuity of young patients who require inpatient care for mental health services. We want to provide greater provision of specialist treatments in the community, including crisis support and step down options, to deliver better mental health paediatric care closer to home.

Finally, there is a need to re-provide the nationally commissioned child and adolescent mental health beds, currently accommodated on CPFT’s Ida Darwin Hospital site, just 10 minutes from Addenbrooke’s.