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Our opportunity

It’s very rare you have the chance to build something with the potential to impact the whole world. But, with Cambridge Children’s Hospital, we have just that.

This is an opportunity to create a pioneering new children’s hospital, to treat young people in a whole new way.

Established by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Cambridge, it is a partnership which brings together unrivalled clinical and academic knowledge.

Leveraging this understanding, alongside the strength of the Cambridge biomedical campus and the breadth of our collaborations with industry-leading companies, we will develop a beacon of expertise that transforms how we treat and detect illness.

From Cambridge, a city with a tradition of excellence and discovery, the hospital will provide care for every child and young person in the east of England. As the only region in the UK currently without a purpose-built children’s hospital, it will finally provide the level of care countless families need, without having to travel hundreds of miles to get it.

An aerial view of Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Cambridge Children's will sit at the heart of Cambridge Biomedical Campus

This could only happen here

Cambridge is home to one of the world’s leading universities and has an unrivalled heritage in DNA discovery. By building our hospital at the heart of the city’s Biomedical Campus — Europe’s leading life science hub — world-leading biomedical research will be on our doorstep.

We will work alongside local partners from associated institutions such as the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, and one of the world’s premier centres of genomic discovery, the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

We’ll also be uniquely positioned in the centre of a nexus of biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, so we can translate scientific discoveries into medical practice within days, not years.

Driving our whole new way of thinking will be a pioneering research institute, embedded within our own walls.

By learning from our patients and deploying the very best science, we will transform how we understand, diagnose, and manage the health of children and young people.

Findings which we’ll share with our international network of colleagues, and which can set the standard in clinical training and education globally.

Mother with child and nurse Boy in hospital bed being comforted by his mum
Mother with child and nurse Boy in hospital bed being comforted by his mum