Genomic medicine will constitute a prime area of research for Cambridge Children’s and place it at the very centre of a global transformation. We will re-imagine the way we think about health and how disease prevention could start from birth – or even before.

A Global Genome Institute embedded within the hospital will realise the enormous potential of genomic medicine. Cross-sector expertise and world-class research will search out the early origins of disease affecting both physical and mental health. This will enable trials of new interventions to help children build up resilience to illness.

Our goal is to delay the onset of physical and mental health conditions, or better still, prevent them from ever occurring.

We will share our knowledge and scale our approaches to the benefit of children and young people all over the world.

Our aim is to bring about a paradigm shift, away from reactive approaches, to one based on prevention, early detection and precision intervention, that is fully capable of tackling even the rarest of childhood conditions.

David Rowitch
Head of paediatrics
University of Cambridge