Our vision

Smiling girl laying down in the grass

“Don’t just treat my illness, treat me”

Cambridge Children’s aspires to be more than a hospital. We are seeking a visionary new approach to healthcare for young people. We will treat the whole child, not just illnesses or conditions, using all the talent that Cambridge and our region has to offer.

Research is shining a spotlight on the fundamental connection between the mind and body. We will build the first hospital in the world which fully integrates mental and physical health provision so that young people and their families experience complete and seamless care according to their individual needs.

World-leading precision paediatrics, including rapid access to individual genetic profiles and cutting-edge brain research, will enable doctors to provide tailor-made medical interventions alongside psychologically informed care in purpose-built settings.

Delivering the right care for young people, in the right place at the right time, will vastly improve outcomes over their whole lifetime. Together we will build a new model of paediatric care in the East of England that will set the standard nationally and internationally.

By combining government support and philanthropy we can deliver an ambitious vision that transforms child health care, benefiting children and young people, today and long into the future.