Our hospital

Cambridge Children’s hospital will respond to the health challenges facing children in the United Kingdom through innovative clinical programmes and research.

We will enhance healthcare delivery in the east of England, extending expertise to families and the community to maximise a child’s potential for a healthy and happy life. Research will position Cambridge Children’s to lead by example and provide value to the NHS.

Graphic representation of the hospital may look.

Integration of physical and mental health is a radical change in the treatment of children that will be embedded in every aspect of the hospital. For example, our team for eating disorders will comprise psychiatrists and gastroenterologists working together; we will anticipate and intervene sooner for children with chronic diseases like cancer or inflammatory bowel disease to treat vulnerability to depression. For teenagers with mental health problems, we will work with teachers providing tools to help build resilience. Our research will investigate the origins of mental health, as well as help understand the resilience factors that could prevent such conditions.

Graphic of how waiting area may look

For mums and newborns our research will establish novel methods to detect genetic diseases, prevent preterm births and reduce the risk of stillbirths.

We will provide new ways to diagnose and treat rare genetic diseases for intensively ill children, working with researchers and industry to enhance cutting-edge treatment options. Our research will make “early detection” of serious genetic diseases routine in NHS. We will develop precision medicines and encourage new clinical trials with industry.

For children with cancer we will offer genomic diagnosis to implement targeted therapies; our research will investigate the biological origins of children’s cancers that are unique compared to cancer in adults and therefore need bespoke medications. Our research will investigate the origins of solid tumours and use genomic medicine to implement effective precision medicine.

Diabetes and obesity research will help determine causes of these chronic diseases, and develop the right way to counsel and treat the individual using the latest insights from genetics, digital technology, education and public policy.