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A Press Pack interview: Macie interviews Dr Patrick Tarpey about cancer trial

Thirteen-year-old Macie's little brother, Oliver, has a rare cancer. He is on a drug trial that is helping to keep him well. Because of this Macie is interested to know more about advances in cancer treatment.

Recently, we published a story about a study that revealed whole genome sequencing can give a more accurate diagnosis or reveal new treatment options for children with cancer. Thirty six children being treated at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge were involved in the research.

Macie, who is a member of Cambridge Children's Press Pack, met up with Dr Patrick Tarpey who led the study. She quizzed him about the research.

Watch Macie's interview with Dr Patrick Tarpey

Watch Macie's interview with Dr Patrick Tarpey


I really enjoyed interviewing Dr Tarpey. It was great to learn about the genome sequencing as it is similar to the trial that my brother Oliver is on.

Macie, 13