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Cambridge Children's Youth Forums have lift off!

We are committed to ensuring the voices of children and young people are at the heart of the Cambridge Children's Hospital project. The launch of our Youth Forum and Young Adult Forum is an important step in continuing this work.

A group of young people and adults doing a thumbs up in an online meeting.

It was very exciting to meet with young people who will be working with us on the Cambridge Children's Hospital project. By running two forums - one for young people in years 10-13 and another for young adults aged 18-25 - we can ensure all ages can be fully involved.

The groups got to work straight away, planning three questions that they would like to ask if they were transitioning from paediatric to adult services. This vital information will provide feedback not just for the Cambridge Children's Hospital project but also current services.

The young people also talked through how they want their meetings to be chaired, Code of Conduct, and other areas of the project they'd like to be involved in.

Joining the meetings were two of our clinical leads Rob Heuschkel and Isobel Heyman, who welcomed the young people into the project and talked about the importance of bringing the treatment of mental and physical health together.

Getting together as a team like this is so powerful to improve care for children and young people. We cannot do this without you.

Rob Heuschkel talking to the Cambridge Children's Youth Forum and Young Adult Forum

Meetings will be run with the groups every 4-6 weeks, seeking feedback on key elements of the project and listening to members' thoughts and ideas.

We have an incredible opportunity to really listen and learn from these young people so we can create the best possible hospital. In return, we will support them to develop core skills for further education and employment, such as teamwork, confidence and resilience.

Sarah Allen, Coproduction and Engagement Officer

To sign up, please fill in one of these forms:

Youth Forum (opens in a new tab) (Years 10-13 as of September 2023)

Young Adult Forum (opens in a new tab) (Age 18-25 and not in secondary school)