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Children's Network

We want you to help us get your hospital right.

Cambridge Children’s Network is a group of children, young people, parents and carers, who are engaged in a range of creative activities to formally input into the Cambridge Children’s Hospital project

Their ideas, experience and enthusiasm is already proving invaluable in shaping how the hospital looks and how we deliver care in a whole new way for children and young people across the east of England and beyond.

Our unique ambition is to treat the whole child, making no distinction between their mental and physical health. We will look at the whole picture, understanding the person not just the patient and what’s important to them and their family. The latest research and technology will help deliver the best possible care, as close to home, school and friends, as possible.

If you would like to join our Network and have your say on this unique project, we would love to welcome you onboard.

We are grateful to the Pears #iWill Fund for their generous support of the Children’s Network

A family sitting together on a bench as part of campaign to encourage people to join Cambridge children's network.

Whether you want to do a little, or a lot, it’s up to you. For more detailed work you will also be offered payment for your time.

To get involved please complete our short form:

Young people's form

Families and carers' form

If you are under 14 and still keen to get involved, please ask your parents to complete the carer involvement form.

Together we will build a facility to serve generations of children and young people. Help us make NHS history.

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