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External facilitators

Working with artists for creative engagement.

It’s really important that our engagement activities are fun, creative and thoughtful, which is why we bring in artists to help us! Working alongside the vibrant team at CUH Arts, these regional and nationally-based artists have been instrumental in bringing people’s ideas, thoughts and enthusiasm to life, whether we are working virtually or in real life!

If you are an artist who might like to be involved in the Cambridge Children’s Hospital project, please contact Ellen at CUH Arts

Josh Bilton

We have harnessed Josh Bilton’s creativity to bring together hugely successful art engagement activities for our first large-scale face-to-face events. For both the Festival of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire County Day, both held at Newmarket Racecourse, we used Polaroid photography and fabric painting to encourage visitors to think about what they need to feel well. The results were meaningful – and exciting to look at!

Joshua BILTON ( (opens in a new tab)

Artist showing people what to do
Josh Bilton at a Cambridge Children's Hospital workshop

Jacqui Campbell

Jacqui has facilitated several workshops for us, using her creative and interactive activities to gently draw out memories and ideas. She designed art boxes for our Hospital School workshops, which were posted out to attendees – a wonderful gift through the post – which they brought along to the sessions. This summer, working on an idea put forward by one of our parent Co-production Champions, Jacqui produced wonderful art activities for children under seven to do at home, encouraging them to think about their hospital school.

A creation from a Jacqui Campbell hospital school workshop
A creation from a hospital school workshop, facilitated by Jacqui Campbell

Adam Bridgland

Adam is a multi-disciplinary artist who has brought his brilliant screen printing activity to a number of events and workshops, delighting children, young people and their families. Adam has supported us at Cambridge Festival, Peterborough ARU Family Fun Day and at internal project events.

Adam Bridgland (opens in a new tab)

A young girl pulls a glittery piece of paper out of a screenprinting frame helped by artist
Screen printing has been a great way to get children engaged in the project

Jo Hudson Lett

Jo is a creative consultant from the Luton and Bedfordshire area. She has worked with us in a number of capacities, including running creative mental health workshops at Luton Sixth Forum College and bringing the Cambridge Children's Hospital vision to Luton Carnival. Jo collaborated with other local creatives to develop incredible costumes for the parade to ensure our project had an impactful and welcome presence.

Just Purple Presents (opens in a new tab)

A group of people dressed as giant sunflowers for a carnival parade
Jo and her team brought our Luton Carnival costumes to life

Beatrice Cohenbaum

Joining us for workshops in London and Luton, Beatrice has live scribed children and young people's conversations in a truly engaging and meaningful way. She describes herself as an artist, illustrator and graphic recorder, based in London and working nationally and internationally.

Beatrice Cohenbaum (opens in a new tab)

An animated drawing of a child running
A sketch from a mental health workshop in Luton

Merlin Evans

Merlin illustrated this year’s design workshops, capturing the conversations through her stunning scribes. We used her drawings to encourage wider engagement from Cambridge Children’s Network and the public, encouraging others to think about what else they would add.

Drawn to Medicine (opens in a new tab)

Merlin captured the essence of the conversations at our design workshops
Merlin captured conversations at one of our design workshops

Chris Glynn

Chris illustrated the conversations at our Design Workshops last year. His beautifully imagined interpretations of the themes and ideas that arose were very well received by the project team and wider public. Chris also did a series of ‘live scribes’ during our ‘Food, with care’ conference in January 2022.

Chris Glynn (opens in a new tab)

Chris Glynn illustration "Home from Home"
Chris live scribed discussions about a 'dream' hospital bedroom

Harold Offeh

Local artist Harold developed super-creative online workshops to kickstart our plans for a Cambridge Children’s art strategy. The sessions were enjoyed by all ages, from young children to parents and carers, as well as staff. Next, Harold delivered an online creative activity to help people understand our approach at a Cambridge Festival webinar. He then worked with printmaking company Dizzy Ink (opens in a new tab) to deliver in-person art sessions at Cambridge Junction – these were attended by dozens of families through the day, who collaborated to make these fabulous risograph prints.

Harold Offeh | Home (opens in a new tab)

An artist sitting with a young family at a table of colourful creations
Harold has run super creative online and face-to-face workshops

Rachel Walker Mason

Rachel ran a series of online workshops that explored ideas for the new hospital through song writing. These workshops attracted children and young people who we hadn’t worked with before and it was great to hear their thoughts expressed musically!

Rachel Walker Mason (opens in a new tab)